Logistics Automation

Logistics Automation

Advansys ESC offers a wide range of solutions in warehouse and intralogistics automation and technologies to optimally meets your needs. 

We design, integrate and support automated material handling solutions that meet specific business requirements across multiple industries. Through integrating different equipment, we tailor unique solutions to our customers to maximize ROI and provide competitive advantages to meet current and future challenges.

We help our customers to improve their order fulfillment process through providing full range of conventional, mechanized, semi-automated and automated material handling systems and intralogistics

  • Inbound & Receiving 
  • Convey & Transport 
  • Storage & Buffering 
  • Picking Solutions 
  • Sortation Solutions 
  • Outbound & Shipping
  • Warehouse Management System (WMS)


We established a niche brand in providing our services in the industrial automation domain; our technical expertise includes designing and integrating of sensors, motion controllers, motors & drives, integrated PLC, control panels, HMI & SCADA systems.

Advansys ESC provides world-class services in industrial control system design and integration; from design to commissioning, we offer wide range of automation services and activities to help you operate and optimize your industrial process performance.

  • Design automation and control system
  • Select Field devices and instruments (sensors, transmitters, actuators, drives, motors, etc.)
  • Design control system network and inter-connection between different system components (PROFIBUS, PROFINET, ASI, ETHERNETIP, CAN BUS, MODBUS, HART, FOUNDATION FIELDBUS, etc.)
  • Design control panels and LV distribution panels (AutoCAD/Eplan).
  • Select PLC and create control programs.
  • Design safety and redundant PLC systems 
  • Create hardware documentations including:
    1. System Architecture
    2. System description specifications
    3. Control philosophy and cause/effect diagrams
    4. 400 VAC and 24VDC calculation
    5. Cable specifications, cable list, short-circuit and voltage drop calculations.
    6. Hook-up drawings and cables routing drawings
    7. Interconnection wiring diagrams.
    8. Instrument list document 
    9. Signal list document 
    10. Cable list document 
    11. Junction boxes list 
    12. Junction wiring diagrams 
    13. Panels layout drawings 
    14. Electrical loads and UPS calculation documents
  • Sizing and selection of motor and drives (DC, Induction or Servo).
  • Energize, commission and start-up automation systems, including:
    1. Startup PLC Panel 
    2. I/O Check  
    3. Check and start up Field bus Network
    4. Analog instrumentation testing and calibration 
  • Provide training to engineers and technicians
  • SCADA & HMI Solutions