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Advansys ESC establishes the standard in consulting by merging products, engineering services and innovative technologies into integrated solutions. Our consulting and engineering services work together to improve performance, quality and add value to the different industrial operations.

Our consulting and engineering services work together to improve performance, quality and add value to the different industrial operations. We provide an extensive suite of services and solutions from products development, engineering services and innovative technologies to help our customers realize their business objectives.

We are specialized in tailoring automation solutions, integrating systems and optimizing processes. Our consultants have deep industry knowledge, best practices and improvement methodologies in diverse industries.


Advansys ESC uses our performance improvement experience and methodologies to evaluate your existing processes, identify the gaps, and engage to deploy a high-impact Lean and Six Sigma programs.

Our team will constructively analyzes your process and provide full-set of lean and Six Sigma tools and concepts to empower your organization by improving processes, eliminating wasted time, decreasing cycle time, enhancing equipment utilization and hence maximize your Return On Investment (ROI).


Advansys ESC provides material handling consulting services for warehouses, distribution centers and order fulfillment operations. We help our customers to improve their order fulfillment process through full range of conventional, mechanized, semi-automated and automated material handling systems and intralogistics.

By conducting strategic analysis of your warehouse configuration, receiving, storage, picking, sorting & shipping operations; we maximize the use of existing assets and implement cost effective, reliable and scalable material handling solutions to meet and exceeds your business growth and future demands.


Advansys ESC offers a wide range of solutions in material handling and intralogistics automation and technologies to optimally meets your needs.

We design, integrate and support automated material handling solutions that meet specific business requirements across multiple industries. Through integrating different equipment, we tailor unique solutions to our customers to maximize ROI and provide competitive advantages to meet current and future challenges.


Advansys ESC developed a unique approach for mechanical design and product development services including new product design, complex modelling, engineering analysis, detailed engineering and technical documentation.

Our level of engagement varies from small analysis and mechanical drafting projects to large development projects requiring high level of precision and assembly of multi-functional teams. We serve our services to clients across USA & Europe, enabling them to improve quality and accelerate time to market.


Advansys ESC provides world-class services in industrial control system design and integration; from design to commissioning, we offer wide range of automation services and activities to help you operate and optimize your industrial process performance.

We established a niche brand in providing our services in the industrial automation domain; our technical expertise includes designing and integrating of sensors, motion controllers, motors & drives, integrated PLC, control panels, HMI & SCADA systems.